Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Shorts - New story!

This is a little quickie that I did for a romance magazine. It wasn't quite what they were looking for, and was really too short to put anywhere else. Enjoy!

What Goes Around...

by Cathy Clamp

The doorbell rang just as Meg started a kettle for tea. She turned off the stove and automatically raised her hand to the floral turban to make sure it was straight as she walked to the door.

Soon. The doctor said I should start seeing hair again in a few months, now that the chemo’s done.

A glance through the window made her check her appearance in the nearby mirror once more in surprise and delight.

She opened the door with a smile. “Well, for heaven’s sake! What a pleasure to see you again, Mr. Baldwin. I didn’t even know you knew where I lived.”

He flashed the same white teeth and dimples that had made her heart skip while on rounds. She fought not to blush as he stared into her eyes with both nervousness and intensity. “I hope it’s okay, Nurse Chapman. I asked Dr. Brugetti for your address. I wanted to deliver this in person. Do you mind if I come inside?”

That’s when she noticed the white box. It was about the size of a cake box, but didn’t look very heavy. Her curiosity overcame
her nervousness and she stepped back, opening the door wider. “Of course. Please come in.” She waved him into the living room, thankful now that she’d had enough energy this morning to dust.

He carefully placed the box on the coffee table and sat down on the couch with arms folded across his broad chest. The thick cushions molded around him as though the couch was custom made. Meg fought not to stare at his muscled bare arms. He’d always visited the hospital in a suit and tie.

When she cleared her throat she realized her mouth had been open, nearly drooling. How embarrassing! Abruptly she sat down in the chair across from him and asked the obvious question. “So, how is Sally, Mr. Baldwin? I so seldom get to hear updates on my patients after they leave the children’s ward.”

He smiled, his face filled with love and happiness. “Please, call me Dan. You’ve earned that right.”

“Then I’m Meg.”

He nodded and continued. “Sally turned eight last week and just joined a Red Cross class at the pool. She wants to be a lifeguard.” He shrugged and chuckled. “Well, this week, anyway. As for next week, we’ll see.” His eyes took on a faraway look that Meg knew well. They’d nearly lost Sally to the cancer that had attacked her bones as a toddler. But she’d been one of the lucky ones. After many months of treatment, she’d been proclaimed

Sally tried to laugh off the comparison, not even sure Dan knew the truth. "I hope one day they’ll say the same about me."

(to be continued!)

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